Featured: ‘Videos’

Since Monday is everyone’s least favourite day of the week, I thought it would be a good day to feature projects. It’s something to look forward to on Sunday, and participating in the project will keep you busy all week! Or for five minutes.

Either way, I thought we’d kick things off by featuring the Videos page. The MCRmy’s done some of the best fan videos I’ve ever seen, so let’s keep them coming!

I’m being far too chirpy for a Monday, so without further ado, here’s the only video project on the page so far:

  • All We Need is Balance

“Thank you guys so much, the idea of the project it for a short video about how things in to world are so unbalanced and how we need balance in the world. I am doing a #SingItForJapan type video so I would truly love and appreciate if you guys would send in a photo of yourself holding a sign saying something you don’t think is fair, for example the pic in the example is of how so many kids are spoiled yet so many are neglected, things like that, e.g.

Abused Hungry Depressed Lonely Starved Bullied Beaten Hurt

Things of that nature, along with that I’d love it if you guys would also send in a pic of you self holding a sign saying ‘all we need is balance’ they’s images will play side by side in the image. You can either post the photos on this page ( you-cannot-destroy-me ) or email them directly to me. Or post them on Facebook page MCR fabulous killjoys (MCR pic with blue background). I’d love you guys to get involved and please spread the news.”

–        http://you-can-not-destroy-me.tumblr.com/

–        Contact: nicolahenchek@gmail.com

If you have a video project that’s either in-progress or is finished, submit it here!



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