New Pages and Entries; MCR_Fans, MCRmy Helpline and I’

In the last week there’s been two new sub-pages; Help & Support and Online Communities. They feature MCRmy Helpline, MCR_Fans and I’, all of which are new entries – enjoy at your lesuire!

The Fanclubs and Accounts page hasn’t been updated in a while, so if anyone runs a page for an area, submit it!

I’m really busy with the Census at the moment (I think it’s taken an hour just to get this post finished), but the plus side is that it’ll be up soon. The register’s taking a while to sort out, but the Census will be up within the next month – hopefully less, but I’m going on holiday for a fortnight on Thursday…

In case my plans to make an IMCRD post go awry, have a good one!



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