Featured: Podcasts & Online Chats

  Back to Monday features! This week is Podcasts and Online Chats.

  • #MCRchat

Twitter-based Internet chat held twice-weekly by Cassie (@PoisonAndFire). Cassie asks various MCR-related questions throughout the evening and people either Tweet their reply using the #MCRchat hashtag or by entering it as part of the TweetChat Twebevent chat. One time, Mikey Way joined in (we call this Mikey Gate).

–        http://tweetchat.com/room/MCRchat, http://www.twebevent.com/mcrchat https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23MCRchat

–        Contact: @MyChemChat or @MCRchat (Cassie’s chat account).

  • My Chemical Podcast

Comedy podcast in which LaurieANARCHY and her guests discuss and poke fun at various aspects of the band.

–        http://www.mychemicalpodcast.blogspot.com

–      Contact: @xslaughtermatic

I urge you to check out these projects – My Chemcial Podcast because this gets a mention, and #MCRchat because it’s seriously good fun.Happy Monday!-F.

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