Featured: ‘Fan Etiquette’ Pages, My Chemical Collective and More!

Let’s skip over the fact I’ve not posted for two weeks* and move straight on to the new additions to the site!

  •   There are two new sub-pages under ‘Forums, Blogs & Communities’, under the also-new page ‘Fan Etiquette’. Advice on how to act and dress at shows is one of the most sought-after things I’ve seen in this fanbase, as is advice regarding how to treat the band and other fans.
  • Also under ‘Forums and Blogs…’ and ‘Online Communities’ is the new webzine My Chemical Collective, to which people can submit art and editorials.
  • The MCRmy.com idea #ProjectSnowflake, to make a video telling the band we would love to see Every Snowflake’s Different available to download, is up under ‘Videos’.
  • This isn’t strictly site-related, although the project is featured here, but I want to let MCRmy.com members know that elections are under way to choose leaders  for organising the California 2019 meetup as well as choosing its official name. Vote and get involved! (Shameless plug of a project I love over.)

This will hopefully be my last ‘features’ post until after the Census is published (!) so if you have any queries or submissions I will address them, but it might take a little longer than normal because I’m working like crazy.

Enjoy your summers!



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