Census Follow-Up Post

First off, I would like to thank everyone who has Retweeted, hashtagged and talked about anything to do with the Census in the last three days. Such a positive response to this project has been amazing. I do, however, have a few feedback questions to address and a couple of kinks to iron out:

  • It was pointed out that there was a spelling mistake in the report. I also noticed that there was a typo under ‘Magazine Source’. It was originally published that the Chicago Tribune told two people about the band. In actual fact, it told one. I have since fixed both typos and replaced the old report with a correct one. Apologies for the mistake; it’s just me doing the logging and graph-making, and occasionally the keyboard goes fuzzy.
  • It was also pointed out that on some graphs, due to scale differences, it was difficult to compare statistics by eye. I do not know how to alter scales on Excel, but hopefully the numbers on the bars help somewhat.
  • I was asked if I would be sending the results to the band or Tina, their main website/Internet account admin. I will be, hopefully alongside a project that I will discuss in the very near future.
  • The register will be online when I can make one! I followed up a possible lead earlier today, but short of learning PHP, creating a register in such a way is impossible. I was hoping to create something similar to the wonderful Killjoy Map, but it is not to be. Not yet, anyway. I will keep you posted and appreciate any suggestions!

What did you all think of responses to individual questions? Were there any that surprised you? Would you have liked to have seen different questions? Let me know!



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