WANTED: Frank Art for Halloween and #ProjectSnowflake Entries

In an attempt to avoid the rush of looking for work on Mikey’s birthday, I’m posting this nice and early:


Frank Iero-related artwork, videos, fan fictions* for a spectacular Halloween post!

Submit here or via The Webways’ Twitter! If you have a portfolio of MCR work that isn’t featured on here already, say so and I’ll feature it!

*if slash/13 or 18+, please let me know.

  While I’m exclamation mark happy:

#ProjectSnowflake REBORN

Mishty and I are rebooting #ProjectSnowflake.

If you’d like Every Snowflake’s Different on your iPod legally, make a piece of art expressing your love for the song, include #ProjectSnowflake on it somewwhere, make it into an image

and submit it to either indifferentignorance@hotmail.co.uk, my DeviantART account or the MCRmy.com Art thread – we don’t mind which. Please do this by Sunday 28th October.

  If you’re in the middle of a project and you’d like a shout-out to get more people involved, let me know and I’ll make a ‘Wanted’ post!



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