Work Wanted: Valentine’s-Themed Post Coming Up!

Hello everyone,

I know it seems like it was five minutes since the last major holiday – I just looked at the clock/date on my screen and it was Christmas Eve exactly one month ago – and I’m not sure if what I’m about to discuss even counts as a holiday, but…

I’d like to do a Valentine’s-themed post. I know that it’s a) an over-expensive commercial gimmick, b) vomit-inducing and c) a day that every person, whether single or not, dreads because, according to society – and point a) – it is supposed to be a day that revolves purely around relationships. Or cute stuffed bears and overpriced chocolate. Or crying and listening to Pencey Prep’s Fat And Alone. I’m not sure.


Since St. Valentine’s Day is such a commercial giant and quite difficult to avoid regardless of your views toward it, I think it would be nice to jump on the can-rattling limousine and make a post with MCR-related artwork centering around the general theme of “love”.

Be My Valentine Please

It shouldn’t be too difficult to accumulate work, actually, because the band’s music has a lot of love-esque ideas… as does its name. So, whether you’ve got drawings of blood-splattered demolition lovers or videos of The Only Hope for Me is You, send them in! You can email them to with the title “Valentine’s Day Post Submission”, submit them via this website or Tweet a link to @TheWebwaysMCRmy. I’ll even accept fan fictions of all types and pairings (although please let me know what those pairings are, so I can give readers a heads-up).

So, what’re you waiting for? This is the perfect My Chem-applicable holiday-that-isn’t-Hallowe’en. In fact, it’s better, because we can make zombie-girl art and not dedicate it to Frank. Trust me. Go!


P.S. Yes, I did just reference I’m Not Okay. No, I’m not even sorry…


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