Valentine’s Day Special 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Look, we have some artsy lark, along with links to profiles and archives:

‘The Only Hope for Me is You’ by Anita

Anita’s Webways archive is here (where you can also find the current site background!).

'We Could Be Perfect' by EffigyOfM

‘We Could Be Perfect’ by EffigyOfM

I’m not sure what materials were used to make this but every Valentine’s post needs some good old-fashioned I-no-longer-love-you-ness… Follow @EffigyOfM on Twitter.

Ghoul's Responses

AskPoison by Tenny

AskPoison is one of about five sites that convince me not to wage unholy war on Tumblr. If I could have a fictional character or group of characters be around in real life, I’d want this version of the Fab Four (as well as Holden Caulfield and the Wallflower guys. Chaos would reign). The AskPoison archive is here.

  That’s all for now, so Monday’s post will be either a feature or ‘Hot Off the Press’. I think the next special/themed post will be Gerard’s birthday – as usual, go here if you have something you’d like used.

Huge thank-yous to everyone involved in this post. Please leave a comment to let them (and me!) know what you thought!



6 responses to “Valentine’s Day Special 2013

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