World Book Day 2013 Special: MCR Books!

I’m really into reading and today’s World Book Day so I’ve decided to do a post about (highly unofficial) MCR autobiographies.

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This somehow made its way into my school’s library (there’s a Green Day autobiography in there too) and my friends and I thought it was the bee’s knees about four years ago. I read it again last year and I distinctly remember a typo or two – I think the dates of record releases were wrong – and considering the author severely rejected claims that My Chem are emo, he did an incredibly good job of mentioning the term on every other page. I think he may also have been in love with Gerard, since the band was described more as  ‘Gerard Way and company’ than My Chemical Romance, but it’s good fun nonetheless. Published by Independent Music Press, 2007/8.

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I have neither read this nor needed saving (didn’t Frank say we save ourselves anyway?) but the UK Amazon reviews are positive. One reviewer pointed out that there are a few mistakes, but to be honest I’d buy it for that  picture… Published by Plexus Publishing Ltd., 2007.

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I read this about four years ago as well, and it stood out as being atrocious in terms of typos (Gerard went to art school in 1966 apparently) but I do seem to remember a drawing of a nineties Goth or emo kid who looked suspiciously similar to Mikey, circa 2005. The Amazon reviews say it all, really… Published by Artnik, which does not seem to have a website.

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I’ve seen this around but never read it. Amazon reviews say it’s not too bad but Paul Stenning’s is better… “Brain” and “Gerald”, ha! Published by Omnibus Press, 2007.

So, to conclude our little foray into the world of MCR biographies: if it’s hard facts you’re after, you’re probably better off hanging out here and finding some dedicated fan sites, but if you’re up for a laugh then get over to Amazon with a spoonful of salt…

Happy World Book Day!



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