Work Wanted: Gerard’s Birthday Special!

Work Wanted

Hey everybody!

It seems like it’s a long time away, but Gerard’s birthday is coming up – he’ll be turning thirty-six on 9th April. It’s pretty much tradition now that I do a post promoting band-member-related work on that band member’s birthday, and this time is no different! I am looking for any and all Gerard Way-related artwork, videos, pictures and projects to feature and discuss in a post on 9th April. Much like here, on Mikey’s birthday last year.

To send in a piece of Gerard-y work, read the terms of submission then fill out the submission form here or read the terms of submission then email with the subject line ‘Gerard’s Birthday Special 2013’ clearly linking and describing your entry, as well as agreeing to the terms of submission. The final day for sending stuff in is Tuesday 4th April, because I need a bit of time to thread it all together and archive the work onto the site.

Let’s show our frontman a little bit of love so he might tell us more about MCR5 have a happy birthday!



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