Gerard’s Birthday Special/Some Updates

Hi everyone!

It has been way too long since I did a post on here… I kind of had to come to terms with what happened, then throw myself headfirst into certain MCRmy project. More on that later though, because today is Mr G. Way’s birthday, and the fact that his face is all over The Webways deserves a mention…

'GW2013' by Marta M.

‘GW2013’ by Marta M.

The picture was drawn by Marta M., as was the art in The Webways’ first ever piece of promotional material, which you are welcome to plaster across your own websites, local notice boards, lamp posts, etc.

The next order of business is some news on the MCRmy Census. As those of you who filled it out, live in England and check your email regularly will know, I’m hoping to put a book together of the long-answer responses and send them to Gerard. Those of you who have not yet received emails about this will do, but I’m staggering them so I don’t go crazy staring at spreadsheets. All the relevant information is in the email, but if you need to clarify something you can always email I will post updates on here as the project continues.

Finally, The Webways is now officially on Facebook! Please do ‘like’ and whatnot if you’re on there too (I’m pretty new to Facebook as a whole so if I ignore you then send me a message or something).

Regular programming should now continue…



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