MCRmy Census Extended Project Update #1

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve been busy receiving emails from people who may/may not want their long-answer Census responses sent to Gerard. For those of you wondering why you haven’t received an email yet: I’m staggering the project and sending requests country-by-country. I’ve sent the ‘A’ countries and England (I started with a big county so the rest would seem easier… not sure how I’ll feel when I get on to the United States.) and will only send emails to ‘B’ countries, etc., when I have more responses from the current lot. This is mostly so I don’t descend into madness.

If you’re a member of, say, an ‘S’ county, hang in there and tell all your English friends to check their email!

If you’re from England or Australia and you can’t find an email even after checking your spam folder, please let me know via Twitter or email ( that you would like one.

There are deadlines for individual countries to have responses sent back to me, because I want to keep track of things, but there is no deadline for when I want the book of answers sent to Gerard… judging by this picture, he has enough mail to read to be going on with.

Don’t forget that if you have artwork/a meet-up/a project or something similar that you want archived and promoted, you can submit it to this highly excellent site!



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