General News; Submissions Box, the Next Couple of Months, Facebook


First of all, the Webways’ submission inbox has enjoyed its first spam-free day since December! There was an upsurge of unfiltered spam in which actual submissions got lost, but the issue is hopefully now resolved (I have no control over it; WordPress covers all that stuff and is usually great, but I think the spammers have a handbook). So, if you have something MCRmy related which you would like promoted, go here!

Secondly, updates and responses are going to be slower than normal over until mid-June, as I have exams coming up. I will always reply to enquiries, but if I don’t for a few days, please be patient and I’ll sort it out as soon as I can. That said, if it’s been a fortnight, please send another message because there might be a technical glitch…

Finally, The Webways is now on Facebook! So if you are too, please hit the ‘like’ button and say hi, whatnot, and I’ll say hi back and it’ll be lovely.



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