Updates About Everything! (‘Three Cheers’ Post, the Census, Meet-Ups, #ArtIsSmart & Interviews…)

Hey everyone,

I’m still in exam-mode so this is a post with a bit of everything in it…

Reminder #1 The Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge anniversary post deadline is Wednesday 5th June so if you have something you’d like featured, submit it ASAP! There’s more information about the post here.

Reminder #2 If you did the MCRmy Census and are from England, Australia or Bahrain: please check your emails, read the one about the Census and reply to it. Each country has a deadline for replies because I’m having a go at being organised, so:

  • England’s deadline is 30th June.
  • Australia’s is 5th July.
  • Bahrain’s is 9th August.

I’m being keeping quiet about the exact details about the extended project, but it’s going to be excellent – and all the other countries involved will also get emails in due course! You can follow @MCRmyCensus on Twitter for updates. If you haven’t got an email, let me know because there’s a technical problem. Oh, and Bahrain and Brazil are officially sorted!

Another thing Summer’s on its way and I’m pretty sure that means that meet-ups are too. So if you have one, let me know and I’ll let everyone know (I’m also going to do my best to actually go to a London one this year, if there is one. It’ll be my third year of not managing to otherwise… I feel I should earn my stripes).

And another thing… I’m thinking of making a page of links to #ArtIsSmart entries. Actually, if Gerard does more competitions, it would be nice to have records of them all – but in the mean time, if you contributed to #ArtIsSmart, submit your entry here and I’ll put a page together.

Finally If you’d like to be interviewed about your MCRmy work, please do let me know. You can nominate someone else if you’d like, and I’ll contact them. It’ll be fun, we can pretend this is a chat show.

Okay I think that’s it.

Have a good week and good luck to everyone who has exams at the moment!



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