#ArtIsSmartPage Up, Plus Updates to the Submissions Form!

Hey everyone,

The #ArtIsSmart page is finally up! There are only two entries on there at the moment, and it would be great to build an archive of as many pieces as possible, so if you have one, please submit it here.

Incidentally, the Revenge-anniversary post is really soon, and the deadline for entries is Wednesday 5th June – in just nine days. So please, please, send me in your work.

I’ve also updated the submission form, so hopefully it’ll be easier to select where you want your work archived. I tried to make an option for every single sub-page, but apparently ten options is the limit…

I’m away from home for the next three days and I’m not sure how much Internet access I’ll have, but if you need me please Tweet @TheWebwaysMCRmy, since I will probably be twitchy to check my mentions whenever I can!



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