‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ Ninth Anniversary Post

Happy Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’s Anniversary day!  Here is some Revenge-inspired artwork for the occasion.Now I think about it, by “Revenge-inspired” I mean “was inspired by MCR during the timeframe of 2004-2006″…

Mikey by Anita

Mikey by Anita

Anita’s work is archived here. She has an excellent collection of portraits.

Frank by Ali Bow

Frank by Ali Bow

Ali’s got a fun thing going on with making the band into paper children, and is archived here.

'HappyAnniversaryRevenge' by Kinka

‘HappyAnniversaryRevenge’ by Kinka

Kinka’s new to The Webways and her piece hangs out here.

'Give 'Em Hell, Kid' by Francesca

‘Give ‘Em Hell, Kid’ by Francesca

This one’s a bit awkward to praise as I made it a few years ago for a project Anita did on the MCRmy boards. Ah, Photoshop… I’ve archived myself though, in accordance with the Terms of Submission…

'I Never Told you What I Do for a Living' by Michelle

‘I Never Told you What I Do for a Living’ by Michelle

Finally, this is one of Michelle‘s, aka Serenity Star’s, canvas prints. She also has prints of live shows available from her Etsy shop. I have one of Frank hanging on my wall, they are very good.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to or promoted this post (you’re welcome, self)! Let the artists know what you thought of their work in a comment?




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