Vote on the Official California 2019 Meet-Up Name!

Hey everybody,

I’m part of a group of people on the boards who are planning a mass-meet-up in California in 2019. We’ve been planning various aspects of the event virtually since Danger Days came out and the time has come to decide on an official name so we can update social media profiles, make a website and start inviting people.

We’ve narrowed name choices down to two, pretty much:

  • CA2019: Killjoy Convention
  • CA2019: Killjoy Con

“But the two names are so similar!” I hear you say… and they are, basically – but there’s been a debate over whether or not to include the entire word ‘convention’ or to use the shortened ‘con’. Some of us think ‘convention’ is best because it’ll make the event’s purpose extra-clear, especially for MCRmy members whose first language is not English, while others don’t think it’s necessary for the whole word to be used.

We’re currently doing a vote and it would be very nice if you could all leave a comment saying which name you prefer – or if you think a completely different name should be used, of course. The name should be announced at some point over the weekend.


Francesca (and everyone on the MCRmy boards whose screen names I do not have the time to type out.)


2 responses to “Vote on the Official California 2019 Meet-Up Name!

  1. I would have said Killjoy Con but what you said about the clarity of what the meet up actually is is true, so I guess “convention” is best 🙂


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