Monthly Round-Up: June 2013

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve remembered to do one of these…

“What happened on The Webways in June?” I hear you ask. Well:

  • 8th June was Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge‘s ninth birthday, and some very nice people let me put loads of Revenge-inspired artwork into a post, which was fun…
  • Joanne’s edited-together-clips of MCR’s 2011 Leeds show was archived here
  • I sent a lot of emails to a lot of people involved in the MCRmy Census and told you all about it
  • The California 2019 meet-up name was voted upon and decided upon
  • I had a lot of trouble remembering that pink was this month’s link colour and kept trying to highlight everything indigo. Next month’s colour is green, so that’ll be interesting…

Finally, I asked you all to please submit work to posts for Ray’s birthday and International MCR Day. Please do!

Happy July everyone!



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