Work Still Wanted for IMCRD & Ray’s Birthday Posts!

Hi everyone,

This is a reminder that there will be two quite important posts quite soon as on 15th July it’ll be Ray Toro’s birthday, and on 23rd July it’ll be International My Chemical Romance Day. Both of these occasions warrant a post like this one, so if lots of you could please send in your Toro and/or MCR-related artwork, videos, stories or projects, it’d be great!

You can also email them to with the subject title “Ray’s Birthday Post 2013″ or “IMCRD post 2013″ with explicit agreement of the Terms of Submission. The deadline for Ray’s post is Friday 12th July, and the deadline for the IMCRD post is Friday 20th July.  You can also submit via Twitter (@TheWebwaysMCRmy) or Facebook (TheWebwaysMCRmy), as long as you clearly agree to the terms of submission.

Let me know if you have any questions!




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