Ray’s Birthday Special 2013

Happy birthday to the man with the plan!   I think that since everyone’s on school holidays or actual holidays or badly distracted by recent and glorious heatwaves, people have been forgetting about cute online projects like this one. So to make a post worthy of Ray, I raided The Webways’ archives even more than I usually do for these posts…All artwork is from the Art Projects and Pieces page so I won’t link each one individually.

'Birthday Ray' by Ali Bow

‘Birthday Ray’ by Ali Bow


 This was originally made a couple of years ago, but recycling is good and so are paper children…

“Don’t Mess with the Toro” by Michelle

This is of course July’s background picture!

AskPoison by Tenny

AskPoison by Tenny

The full Tumblr post of this, with some text, is here.


'Ray Toro=God' by ToxicTyranny

‘Ray Toro=God’ by ToxicTyranny

That reminds me: if anyone fancies donating a Jet Star jacket to a broke student, let me know…

'Ray Toro (My Chemical Romance)' by Anita

‘Ray Toro (My Chemical Romance)’ by Anita

Anita’s done a couple of portraits of Ray and I thoroughly recommend them – check out her DeviantArt gallery for them.

And that, my friends, concludes this post! Don’t forget to let the artists know what you think of their work in a comment, and if you want to submit your own work, go here.



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