Some Words on IMCRD

Happy International MCR Day everyone!

Unless the Submit box has finally exploded, rendering submissions impossible, there has not been one single entry for today’s post. In the spirit of things I’ve decided to write to you all instead, which is something that I usually reserve for my personal site but hey, art is the weapon.

This is our first My Chemical Romance day with My Chemical Romance no longer producing music, and I wasn’t sure if – apart from my work on here – I wanted to do anything for it. Until about three days ago, I hadn’t listened to MCR properly since March (I attempted a Gerard-style listening party in my room but it felt contrived so I stopped after two albums). I’d had a few late-night headphone sessions but they made me sad once a slower song came on, so I stuck to other musicians.

It hasn’t just been over the past four months that I’ve not been listening, though… at some point during last autumn I actually thought “Am I growing out of MCR? Am I growing up?” I never thought I’d feel distant from the band, but I just wasn’t connecting with it any more. In retrospect, I had too much on my mind to connect with anything, let alone interviews or full-length albums. When The Light Behind Your Eyes came out I knew that the band was still a huge part of my life – mostly because I cried my eyes out the first few times I heard it – but I was still choosing to listen to comedy song more than Conventional Weapons.

Having had time to reflect, I sometimes wonder if Gerard’s apathy had rubbed off on me a little bit, although it’s more likely that I was just too preoccupied with other things to think about MCR as much as I had in previous years.

Today – specifically, the Twitter hashtag – has reminded me of why I got into this band, why I did the Census and why I started The Webways. It wasn’t to have a constant source of artistic inspiration or to spruce up my CV (not that I’m complaining about either of those outcomes). It was because My Chemical Romance is great and the MCRmy is a community I’m proud to be in. I just need to take some time every now and then to re-watch some interviews and play my CDs. The MCRmy isn’t going anywhere and the music is indelible…

  “The idea” is still very much alive, I’m still very much a part of it and goddamnit, we can trend #MCRmyForLife more than those One Direction hashtags.

Have a good IMCRD everyone,



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