MCRmy Census Update August 2013

Hi everyone,

This is a newsletter of sorts for all of you who took part in the MCRmy Census last year.

First of all: today’s the one-year anniversary of the Census results’ publication! Yay! The PDF is here, for those of you interested in which of Gerard’s hairstyles was most popular, etc. Please let me know what you thought of people’s answers in a comment! (There was a typo in the PDF regarding MCRmy members from Spain, but this has been amended. Sorry Spain!)

Secondly: a vast amount of you have been receiving emails over the past few months about an extended Census project. I was originally tight-lipped about it, because I wasn’t sure exactly how it would pan out – but I think you should all know, because I’m going to be sending you all emails about it in the next few months. Essentially, I want to send Gerard the results, exactly as they are in the PDF, for him to have a look at with his morning coffee (or so I like to think). I would also like to send him the long-answer questions you did about what MCR and the MCRmy means to you, and about what meeting the band was like for those of you who did. But to respect everyone’s privacy, I won’t put them into the letter/book that I’ll send to Gerard unless you have expressly permitted me to do so. As in, I need it in writing that you give me permission to include your answers.

That’s where the email I’ve been sending out comes in – it contains the finer details of the project and what to do if you do or don’t want your answers included, or if you want to read them before you decide. The email also contained a deadline for when you had to reply by, but because life happens and I’m busy, those deadlines no longer apply. I’m currently planning out when the book will be sent, but in the mean time: if you get an email, please reply to it and if you haven’t had an email yet then you will receive one. Promise.

Finally: I’m going to start sending emails about this project out from a different email address. The one still works, but I started using it because I didn’t have another public email at the time. The new, MCRmy Census specific address is All Census emails will now arrive in your inbox from that address, unless we’ve been emailing back and forth already. As always, I will never share your address with a third party.

Okay, that’s it for now. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, send me an email, go to The Webways’ Facebook page or Tweet @MCRmyCensus. I’ll be on holiday when this post’s published, but I will reply when I get home.



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