Monthly Round-Up: August 2013 Plus Work Wanted for Mikey’s Birthday Post

Hi everyone! First off all, I hope you’ve been having a happy and/or relaxing summer! I came back from Greece a few days ago and I’m struggling to adjust to having to do stuff again…

Okay, down to business: This month was the one-year anniversary of the MCRmy Census’ publication, and I’d like to reiterate how grateful I am to everyone who’s taken part in it. This is a really unique project and I’m really pleased with how well it’s turned out.

August has also seen a lot of news in terms of meet-ups – Erika Flemming’s Black Parade-themed photo shoot has now been rescheduled until 9th November – those of you in the Detroit area should get in touch with her via the meet’s Facebook page if you’d like to be involved. As well as that the CA2019 meet-up information has been updated – follow @CA2019 on Twitter for regular updates!

Finally, 10th September is Mikey Way’s 33rd birthday. As usual, I’d like to do a post displaying artwork, writing and videos that are about Mikey, so if you have something Mikey-related, please submit it here or email with the subject title “Mikey’s Birthday 2013” and clear agreement to the terms of submission. The final day to submit work is Friday 6th September. The background and header art for September will be a piece I did that has relevance to Mikey, and I’m using my own work because September’s my birthday month too.

Let me know if you have any questions about the post, or anything else, in a comment!



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