Mikey’s Birthday Post 2013

Hi everyone!

There’s a lot of black and white work this year, so I added something vaguely relevant that I did a few years ago to add some colour


‘Mikey Way’ by Marta M.

He looks so serious he looks in this… apart from his hair! Marta’s work is archived here.


‘Mikey Way Portrait’ by KatyChemical

  I love that both artists got his necklace (pendant? I’ve never been sure what it actually is) just right. This is by Katy, who runs the MCRmy Boston accounts, and is on Twitter here.


Unicorn Protection League Newsletter by Francesca

This is the piece I did for my friend Ruby’s birthday a couple of years ago. She’s big into unicorns and I’d made a poster campaigning for unicorns to be protected from MCR, so the newsletter happened.


‘Mikey Way’ by Anita

This is by Anita, whose work is also in the archives. Thinking about it, I probably should have put this one first so we could comment on the evolution of his hats or something…

Please comment with your thoughts on the artists’ work and be sure to check out their pages!



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