Some Thoughts About Today

Today is three years since MCR played their first Danger Days show at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. I had never seen the band before and liked it quite a lot (it was like a party and a therapy session and a disco for people who liked eyeliner).

For their last song they played The Kids From Yesterday, which at the time no one knew. I mean, Gerard’s mic cut out and it didn’t matter since the crowd hadn’t heard it before anyway…

At some point G said “this is for the fans but for us too” and I remember getting panicky that This Was The End until he said “here’s to the next ten years of this band!”


Listening back to Kids this evening I thought “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” But that’s not fair because we’ve all changed so much in just three years, let alone the eleven-point-five MCR was together. Besides, forever would be boring and we wouldn’t have blogs to write on our iPhone when we should be sleeping…

It’s not easy looking back – my stomach hurts thinking about the show and my life then (not drastically different from the one I lead now but hey, we live and learn) but at least it did happen. Our memories might fade into blurry flashes of strobe lights reflecting off Mikey’s bass but every time I play Kids or Planetary on headphones I’m back in 2010 wearing a homemade Mindless Self Indulgence t-shirt and sandwiched between a friend I no longer have and a friend I’ll probably always have. The music’s meaning changes a little every time I hear it.

So I guess I’m saying that it’s okay to still be sad, or mad, or bitter. It’s okay to be okay one day and, ahem, not the next. Every single MCR fan is experiencing this too. And since we no longer have show-based therapy sessions, we can have MCRmy-based ones instead.

Have a good week guys,



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