News: Webways on Pinterest and Etsy!

Hey everyone,

Got some news about The Webways on, er, the webways…

There is now a Pinterest account for this site! There are currently two boards: one for stuff that’s already on The Webways and one for art that I’ve seen and think other people should see (hopefully those pieces will be archived here somewhere). Let me know what you think!

I’ve made an Etsy account for both my personal work and for a couple of Webways things. The headers are now for sale as digital downloads which you can purchase and print out as stickers, posters, etc. All the proceeds will go back into The Webways as funds for the domain name. I’m looking into getting physical merchandise made but that’s a bit more complicated so don’t hold your breath!

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted for the Halloween post – the deadline’s technically passed but I’ll accept entries up to the 30th.



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