Frank’s Birthday Post 2013

Happy birthday Frank!  Here is some Frank/Halloween-based art to celebrate. All artists are archived here.

Cami's Message to Frank

Cami’s Message to Frank

  I just noticed the grinning skull.

Satisfaction by Michelle

‘Satisfaction’ by Michelle

One of Michelle’s photographs of Frank is on my wall and if I had the money I’d definitely get a collection going (this is for sale on her Etsy!).

'Frank Iero' by Ava Pierce

‘Frank Iero’ by Ava Pierce

Ava’s captured a kind of classic image – or as classic as a 33-year-old can get, if that makes any sense…

'Ieroween' by Anita

‘Ieroween’ by Anita

I’m ninety per cent sure I’ve used this is a post before, but I love it – it’s another piece that’s on my wall and I like to stare at it. Now I think about it, I have an MCR shrine going. Eh, there are worse things to have on one’s wall.

Thank you to everyone involved with this post, and please leave a comment telling the artists what you think!



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