News: Emails, Updates, #CatsAreSmart and Mikey’s Twitter

I spectacularly failed to update this last week, so in no particular order:

The Webways

  • I’ve been playing with the WordPress email settings, and if you want to submit to a blog post or have any questions about being archived on the site, you can now email! Pretty sure this is a sign that The Webways is an important, professional site…
  • There were a few link-related issues with the archives recently, but they are now fixed – I’m 98% sure that all page links will now take you where you want to go, in a new window or tab.


  • Gerard’s started up another #ArtIsSmart contest, this time about cats (the rules are on his Twitter feed). #CatsAreSmart is an excellent tag to have a look at, and I’ll make a page for entries soon.
  • Last week Mikey posted this on his Twitter. I don’t normally post about personal stuff on here, because I don’t normally give a shit about what goes on in other people’s lives, but I really hope that this is a lesson to the people who a) bought into the Internet rumour bullshit, and b) let that impact how they felt about Mikey, MCR, the end of MCR, etc. I’ll be completely honest with you: I bought it. For about five minutes, I thought “that’s not very nice, but each to their own I guess, whatever”. Then my actual life happened and I had other things to care about. Looking back at those five minutes, I’m kind of ashamed of myself. I’ve been doing Internet stuff for four years (and I’ve been an MCR fan for a lot longer) and I should know better about believing ‘facts’ that originate on social media. Tumblr is not a source, ladies and gents – and there’s always two sides to a story. Oh and hey, most of the time the story itself has been twisted by whoever’s telling it, regardless of whether or not they were involved. So next time you’re on the Interwebz and someone says something – about anything – , please take it with a bucketful of salt.

And on that note, happy Monday! Hopefully something’ll get posted on Friday for the Danger Days anniversary – not sure yet since I have a lecture in London that day and two essays due this week. Woo!



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