Yearly Round-Up: 2013

Hi everyone,

This is probably going to be my last post of 2013 because I’m absurdly busy even over the holidays. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone  who’s been involved with The Webways this year. You’re all brilliant and it’s you guys, the MCRmy, who make this website work. It’s grown steadily over the past year and it’s all thanks to your input.

I mean, I help by doing the techy stuff, but without the MCRmy there would be no Webways and I’m being genuine when I say that you lot are the nicest group of people. I don’t know if it’s just because drama-causing fans can’t be bothered to submit work or if this place is still off the radar for them – but those of you who use and contribute to this site are lovely.

2013 was kind of shitty for a lot of people, and in terms of being an MCR fan I think it’s safe to say that it can’t be over fast enough… but despite all the crappy stuff, there’s been some great things within the fandom. I mean, Gerard’s basically keeping the international mail system afloat. We can send fan mail. To Gerard Way – and he will read it. Holy shit, if you’d told me that a year ago I would have laughed in your face. There’s plenty of evidence that the band hasn’t forgotten us any more than we’ve forgotten the band. Art is happening and the attic demos will be out next year.

So it hasn’t all been shit!

That said, hopefully cool things will happen in 2014. I’d like to finally get the Census sent to Gerard along with people’s long answers (if you’d like to be involved, please email and I’ll explain you the details). I’d also love for this site to have more archived members, so if you have work or projects or meet-ups or anything please submit it! Tell your MCR fan friends too! Make it a party!

Have a happy holiday whatever you’re celebrating!


PS The header image is by Marta. I used it because a) it’s really cute, and b) has the whole band.


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