Webways Domain Funding

Happy new year everyone!

This is kind of a negative note on which to start the year, but: in a just over three weeks’ time, The Webways’ custom domain runs out. Each domain purchase lasts only for a year, so in order to keep TheWebways.net (instead of TheWebways.wordpress.com, the default URL), I have to pay $18. I don’t mind doing this (I live with my parents and am not completely broke), but between planning for the future and funding projects, money is tight.

I’ve always been wary of handing money over to people online, so instead of asking for donations to help cover the cost of the domain, I’m asking you – if you think this site is worth funding – to please buy some Webways merchandise. I made it all myself and the stickers cost, at full price, £1. At the current discount of 40%, which lasts until 10th January, they cost 60p plus postage. The digital downloads, which you can resize and print, are just 30p. All profit will go toward The Webways. I really want to grow this site over the next year (and beyond, of course) and a foundation stone is a cool name. I’m not assuming that all $18 will be made in three weeks from sticker sales, but any help is greatly appreciated and I’d rather you got something for your money other than a credit card bill.

I wouldn’t have made the first 2014 post about asking you for your money if it wasn’t for the discount that runs out in a week; I hope you’re all having excellent holidays and have recovered from new year celebrations!



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