Mission: The Memory Chronicle Regiment Project

New MCRmy mission: The Memory Chronicle Regiment Project

Mission statement: “This is an MCRmy-wide mission dedicated to My Chemical Romance as a thank you gift. We are all agreed that MCR has influenced us in many positive ways, so this is a way to say thank you, by sharing memories and thoughts about the band. We will be preparing a scrapbook full of mementos sent in by fans from all over the world and sending it to the band by way of Gerard’s fan mail address. Each page will be carefully put together and decorated before being bound in a book and sent off. We need your stories about your favorite My Chemical Romance memories. Did you have a mind-blowing concert experience? Have you met any of the guys? When did you first hear the music? Did you make any friends because of MCR? How did you feel? Tell them! Say thank you. Please help spread the news of this project on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, or any other site you frequent! Link back to the MCRmy post or our twitter account. The more memories we receive, the better the book will be. Remember, we can’t do this without your help!”

Archive Page: Projects & Pieces/Tributes, Thank Yous & Member-Specific Projects


This is a great new project that gives people the chance to share their favourite MCR memories with at least one member of MCR. Deadline is April 2014 – (GO!)


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