Wanted: The Webways Social Media Administrator

Hopefully a lot of you have seen my Word document advert for a social media administrator – if you haven’t, all the information is here. I thought I’d give some explanation as to why I’m looking for an admin, especially since this site is already so shiny and vibrant…

Okay so first of all, I am not going anywhere and neither is this site. It’s still an archive site for MCRmy stuff and hopefully it will continue to grow. But in the past few months – well, since MCR ended, really – I’ve wanted to focus on the community aspect of the site. The MCRmy is a community and it’s getting increasingly difficult to scope out fellow fans (maybe we’re all too busy crying into May Death Never Stop You, I dunno). I’d love for this place to be somewhere fans can go to find projects and meet ups, to see the brilliant work the fanbase has achieved.

The only thing is that I am busy and I’m not ever going to have more time to devote to this site than I do at the moment. I will probably have less – and I don’t want The Webways to suffer. So, I’m looking to hire a fellow fan who has a couple of hours per week to spend searching out MCRmy things. Not just the larger stuff, like art and projects but the little things that make us us. Things like this:



I found it on Tumblr and reblogged it to The Webways’ account but I didn’t post it to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest because I was in the midst of doing homework, working on this, working on my personal blog and probably about to leave the house in ten minutes…. yeah, I’ve been told I need to work on the multitasking thing. I get sarcastic when I’m busy too, and there’s a risk all my updates will be like the things I post on my personal accounts… which is fun but doesn’t exactly set the tone for this place.

So, since I can’t give this site the attention it deserves, The Webways is hiring. Right now it’s just for a social media admin but I’d like to build a team of staff who contribute blog posts on a regular basis, alongside the usual archive and promotion – which won’t change. Hopefully, with more people involved, it will become more efficient.

If you have any questions just leave a comment or email me. The deadline is Monday 7th April… go go go!



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