Webways PayPal

Hi everyone,

This week’s news is that The Webways now has an official PayPal account in order to fund the site’s upkeep. I can no longer afford to fund the site by myself so will be putting a link for donations in the sidebar. If it works as well as I plan, we should be able to accept all cards from users globally!

In terms of donations, even £1 ($1.66) helps us to pay for the custom domain. If we exceed the funds needed for the domain ($18 per year), we’ll look into getting MCR merch for giveaways. I will probably also use it to fund the postage for The Doomsday Book (if you did the MCRmy Census and haven’t contacted me about the Doomsday Book, go here ASAP!).

In case the sidebar widget takes longer to establish than I think and you can’t wait to fund this wonderful site, the email we currently use is thewebways@hotmail.co.uk.

Thank you in advance,



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