Hot Off the Press: Killjoy Poetry ‘Zine & Sad News

Hi everyone,

Before I get onto the site’s newest addition I want to bring to your attention some sad news about a lovely MCRmy member, Vienna, who is currently losing a battle with pancreatic cancer. V has been an MCR fan for many years and until relatively recently was also a moderator on as well as an active member of the street team. To send wishes to Vienna and her family, head over to the Facebook support page that’s been set up.

Now, this week’s new piece is Kaitlin’s Killjoy Poetry ‘Zine over on the Art Projects page. In a total coincidence, I was commissioned to write a poem about MCR last week so may contribute to this!

If you’re interested in reading the interview Kaitlin did for The Webways in December, head here.

Have a good week, and please do take a moment of reflection for Vienna.



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