Site Update: FAQ Page & Ideas Wanted

Hi everyone!

New on the site for October is a FAQ page about the site for any newcomers. I would also like to thank our first donor (all donors will remain anonymous, for the record). I am very proud that people are willing to help fund this site and I promise we will make every penny go to the site.

Since you guys are funding the site, I thought it would be good to ask what you would like to see on the site in future. Brinn and I have discussed advertising for a columnist to discuss anything and everything about MCR and the guys’ new endeavours. I have also considered doing snap polls on here, asking things like favourite songs titles, album concepts, that sort of thing. If we get enough funds enough for merchandise, we will definitely run competitions.

What do you guys think? Either leave a comment below or email to share ideas and suggestions.

Thank you in advance – and look out for any advertisements for columnists and don’t forget to enlist any work for the archives!



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