A Guide to Holiday Shopping for Merchandise

The holidays are just around the corner so we thought it would be a good idea to do a post with links to merchandise sites – for you or for your music-loving friends or family!

Please note that some stores have country-specific sections so please bear that in mind when browsing! We have linked the .com stores here; most sites will redirect you to your local store.

Official Stores

My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way

Frank Iero

Electric Century (please note that at time of posting the t-shirt, the only available merchandise, had sold out)

Reputable Retailers

Hot Topic


MCRmy.com Swap & Shopp This MCRmy.com thread is incredibly helpful for finding and selling merch; click through to the most recent pages for the latest items.

For more specific merchandise, search sites like eBay, Amazon or Etsy. You may be able to find rare or homemade items, but please be aware that those sites are not official sources, although you may be supporting other fans by purchasing merchandise they no longer want, or homemade crafts!

Don’t forget to order plenty of time before your specific holiday, e.g. Christmas, as the postal services are inundated this time of year and you want your gift to arrive on time!


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