Any Ideas for 2015?

Hi everyone,

Since it’s the new year and fast-approaching The Webways’ third birthday – time flies! – I thought it would be a good idea to take stock of the site and plan for 2015. So I’d be really grateful if you could leave a comment below with any suggestions or ideas for the site in future.

For example, would you like to see more interviews with prominent MCRmy member, or more featured artwork or projects? Would you like to read more articles about MCR and the members’ new work? Would you like more answers on the Questions and Misconceptions page? Would you be interested in buying merchandise or artwork to support the site instead of a donation box?

Any feedback is incredibly useful, so thank you in advance and happy new year!



2 responses to “Any Ideas for 2015?

  1. maybe an mcrmy convention for california in the current year would be nice? perhaps hosted somewhere in sandiego 😮 wherever the most killjoys are/better place is located i suppose! although yes itd be very nice to see more mcrmy interviews and all other things youve suggested!


    • We’d love to see a meetup in CA before 2019, but that’s not what the CA2019: KilljoyCon organisers are concentrating on. Feel free to hold your own!

      Thanks for the comment, we’re bringing new content on our social media sites every week and we’ll have a new interview soon. 🙂


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