The Webways is a project run by Francesca started in early 2012 following the success and feedback of the MCRmy Census/Register. Its purpose is to provide a home for the results of the census, as well as the register, which is currently being made. It is also an attempt to archive and promote the projects, meet-ups, websites and work the MCRmy does, so that fans can access sites they may not ordinarily find due to lack of social networking accounts, regular Internet access or motivation to wade through thousands of ‘I love [insert MCR member here]’ Tweets or Tumblr posts… Plus, you know, MCR get a lot of credit for their work, and the MCRmy deserves some too.

To submit your work, meet-up, site or project, fill in the form on the ‘submit’ page. If you have any questions about the site, or suggestions for improvements or if you just want to say hi! – leave a comment on any of the pages or posts, or email thewebways@hotmail.co.uk. (I won’t send you spam or store your address, but neither will I reply to crap about war-torn countries or pharmaceutical companies.)

Not affiliated in any way with My Chemical Romance, Warner, MyChemicalRomance.com or MCRmy.com.




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