What is the point of The Webways if MCR is over?

Originally its purpose was to provide a home for the MCRmy Census but Francesca thought that more attention needed to be paid to work the fans were doing so she added the archives, interviews and PR over the following months and years. It’s still relevant because people still love MCR and love to make art and projects, or hold meetups.

Do you archive and promote the MCR guys’ new work’s projects, like the Mikey Street Team?

Of course! As long as it’s a respectful, polite and includes MCR or Frank, Gerard, Mikey and Ray’s new work, we’ll take it.

How does my work get archived?

You visit the Enlist page and fill out this form. Francesca then pastes all the info onto the page and we promote it on social media which includes Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. We also do ‘Hot Off the Press’ posts for new additions.

What is a signal boost?

Occasionally a page or individual’s work is written about in a signal boost/spotlight post. Subscribers to the site get notified of the post and the signal is boosted.

If your work’s been archived you can request a signal boost at any time via social media or email. Individuals can also request to be interviewed about their MCRmy work.

Why the emphasis on commenting on users work?

The MCRmy is a community. We function by communicating!

Why don’t you post news about the members of MCR?

There are already hundreds of sites that do that. We archive a lot of them. We prefer to post news about the MCRmy community.

Is this site endorsed by My Chemical Romance or Warner Brothers?

No, but if they want to they can!

Can I become a regular contributor to The Webways or can I work on the site?

Yes! If you would like to contribute an opinion column please email here with a sample of your previous work. Please state how regularly you want to contribute. There will be a three month trial period. If If you are interested in becoming an admin, please contact info@thewebways.net directly.

Please note that no payment can be offered but it looks great on job applications.

Where can I buy Webways merchandise and where does the money go?

We don’t currently have any merchandise available but we have a donation widget on the front page’s sidebar. All money funds the .net domain and and any extra will buy merchandise for giveaways. Thank you in advance!


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