Fan Sites & News Blogs


News blog which also features new music reviews, band interviews and handy tips on the universe of MCR, with features including “how to dye your hair like Revenge Gerard’s” and “Danger Days FAQ”.


–        Contact: @PoisonAndFire


Fan-run Tumblr and Twitter posting news, older magazine scans, interviews and fan art. Editor’s note: I’m also featuring this under Forums, Blogs and Communities/Online Communities because the sites’ bios call them communities. Either way, hang out there!


–        Contact: @MCR_FANS

  • Contaminated Days

“We are an Italian fan site, born in late 2007 (we changed the name in November 2010). We offer translations from interviews, magazines and other things in Italian language, as we think that’s important to give the opportunity to everyone, even to those unfamiliar with the language, to read all the most various info about our favorite band. The site is still operative even if MCR broke up in March, we still offer translations from old MCR interviews, then we’re supporting their new careers, so we’ll keep you updated also with those.”


–        Contact: @ContaminateDays

  • My Chem Quotes

Tumblr site and Twitter account that posts some of the inspirational, insane and inane things the guys have come out with over the years.


–        Contact: @MCR_quotes


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