Census/The Doomsday Book

Extended Project: The Doomsday Book

As many of you will know from this blog post, Francesca is hoping to compile respondents’ long answers and send them to Gerard along with a printout of the results. She calls it The Doomsday Book. If you took part and have not received an email about being part of the extended project, please take five minutes to fill out this short form, even if it is only to say that you are no longer interested, by 30th August 2014. If you don’t respond by then, Francesca will assume you are not interested and will exclude your answers automatically.

The Census

Francesca originally proposed the idea for an MCRmy Census/Register on her personal site in January 2012.

It fast became far more successful than sh had both hoped and expected and, on 25th August 2012, she published the results!

Let her know what you thought of specific results in a comment!

Francesca posts updates both on this site and on the Census’ Twitter page, @MCRmyCensus . If you want to email her about the Census, or if you are interested in The Doomsday Book, please email mcrmycensusproject@live.com.


6 responses to “Census/The Doomsday Book

  1. I thought it was great! You should totally do it again. I’ll get the word out to some of my other friends. As I’ve got school now and I’m really busy, just shoot me an email at mrskellanlutz09@gmail.com whenever you’ve got something going on. I’ll make sure to participate if I’ve got the time and let my friends know. Thanks for doing this! Keep up the good work! 🙂 ❤ XO


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