• ‘Guess the Album Release Date’

Closed as of 1st October 2012.

As some of you may know, I said watch this space… well here’s the space you should be watching!

With the guys beginning to record their new album, I figured what better way to embrace our excitement than a contest! I know some of you are super talented artists and writers etc., but there are some people (like me) who suck at that kind of stuff and often feel excluded from contests that are based on artsy stuff like that. So here is your no shit, no sweat, straight-to-the-point contest.

All you have to do is guess the album release date! The prize (very kindly donated by the wonderful V/ViennaKISS) is a “We Are The Black Parade” t shirt (size medium), a giant promotion poster for The Black Parade, and a whole range of promo stuff the old street team were sent (flyers, stickers etc. for Revenge and TBP). [Click to enlarge.]

TBP Promo Poster TBP Shirt


1. This is exclusive to you guys here on I will advertise it elsewhere, but you must be signed up to this forum to participate.
2. You must have at least 20 posts on by the time the contest ends in order to qualify to enter. I’ve explained why this rule is in place here.
3. Anybody, anywhere, any country can participate (the winner must be willing to give me their address to send the prize to. I will not share this information with anybody else).
4. Once one person has guessed a date, nobody else can guess it.
5. You may not change the date you’ve guessed. If, for example, most people guess a date in August and we’ve still heard nothing by December, I will consider changing this rule.
6. Do not edit your original post. I will constantly update this with a list of which dates have been guessed and by whom. If you edit your post, I will not see it, and the original date you guessed will still be the one I go by.
7. The contest has a provisional closing date of July 31st September 1st September 30th. If something is announced or clues are given in the meantime, this could be moved forward. Likewise, if I feel it necessary nearer the time, I may move the closing date further away.
8. If the correct date hasn’t been guessed when the official release date is announced, I will choose the nearest to it. If there is a tie, I will choose the person who posted their guess first (I only have one prize so I have to do it this way).
9. I will contact the winner via as soon as I can after the official release date is announced. If they do not get back to me within seven days, I will choose the next nearest person.

I think that’s all for now, so have fun and guess away!


–        Contact: Kerry on her page or Twitter, @kerrymoliver


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