Fan Clubs & Accounts

  • MCRmy Boston

“MCRmy Boston was inspired by My Chemical Romance fans in Boston with the intent of being resourceful for fans everywhere.”





–        Contacts: Official – @MCRBoston. Owner – @KatyChemical

  • MCRmy Ecuador

“We’re the official Fan Club of MCR in Ecuador, better known as MCRmy.”

–          Twitter:

–         Facebook:

–         Blog:

–         Contacts:, @Mapolia @EdjoeRV

  • MCRmy Germany

“We are the MCRmy Germany! We post news, projects, fan meetings… Not only for German MCR Fans.”

–      Facebook:

–      Twitter:

–      Vimeo: 

–      Tumblr:  

–      Contact:

  • MCRmy India

“Twitter account for the Indian MCRmy branch 🙂 open to anyone, we’re very friendly!”

–        Twitter:

–        Facebook: 

–        Tumblr:

–        Contacts: @mcrmy_india, @Vritika23

  • MCRmy Pennsylvania

Twitter and Facebook accounts for the Pennsylvania (PA, for everyone unfamiliar with the state abbreviations) and Philadelphia, and southern New Jersey. “Anyone is welcomed even if they don’t live in that state or country.”

–          Facebook:

–          Twitter: 

–          Contact:


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