Online Communites

  • I’

Fan-run site with band news, discography, song meanings and forums discussing both the band and members’ interests. Established in 2005.


–        Contact:


Fan-run Tumblr and Twitter posting news, older magazine scans, interviews and fan art. Editor’s note: I’m also featuring this under ‘news blogs’ because both the Tumblr and Twitters are great news feeds.


–        Contact: @MCR_FANS

  • My Chemical Collective

“My Chemical Collective is a fan site and online zine dedicated and inspired by the band My Chemical Romance and it’s fans. Our goal is to bring you up to date news, interviews and articles about the band, as well as showcase the fan bases collective creativity and individuality.

We are here to inspire, discuss, share our art. opinions and expand the horizons of one of the most active and thoughtful fan communities around.”


–        @MyChemCollectiv


–        Contact:


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