• Abbie/Toxic Tyranny’s Pieces

Toxic Tyranny (known as Abbie in the real world) has a range of MCR-esque work, ranging from canvas paintings to pencil portraits.


–        Contact: @ToxicTyranny

  • Ali Bow’s Pieces

Specialising in ‘paper children’, Ali’s band-centric pieces are very, very cute.


–        Contact: @Ali_Bowman

  • Anita’s Pieces

‘Scrumtrulescent’ on the MCRmy boards, WheresYour-HeART on DeviantART and ‘mcrpixiestixx’ on Twitter, Anita specialises in band portraits, but has also got a gallery full of other MCR-related gems.


–        Contact: Anita’s profile, @mcrpixiestixx

  • AskPosion

Ever wanted to know what Party gets up to when he isn’t waging war against the corporate clean up? Well, ask him and read his answer in picture-and-occasional-YouTube-link format!


–        Contact: Creator

  • Ava Pierce’s Frank Iero

“Frank Iero playing guitar and singing”, submitted for the Ieroween 2013 post.

'Frank Iero' by Ava Pierce

‘Frank Iero’ by Ava Pierce


–        Contact:,  @avaqp03  

  • Cami’s Message to Frank

Submitted for Ieroween 2013, this is Camila’s birthday message for Frank.


  • EffigyOfM’s We Could Be Perfect Drawing

EffigyOfM originally submitted this for the 2013 Valentine’s Day Special post, adding some good old-fashioned I-no-longer-love-you-ness.

'We Could Be Perfect' by EffigyOfM

‘We Could Be Perfect’ by EffigyOfM

–        Contact: @EffigyOfM

  • Francesca’s Pieces

“These are very hard to write a description for as they’re my pieces of art, but I’ve been told that some of them are quite nice…”


–        Contact:  

  • Kaitlin’s Killjoy Poetry Zine

“I’m collecting Killjoy poetry for an online ‘zine I’m going to post on Tumblr. If you want to contribute, please submit your poetry to me through one of the options listed. You will receive full credit for your work (feel free to include a Killjoy name, or submit anonymously on Tumblr.) Short poetry is preferred due to space limitations. Any form is fine: haiku, couplet, free verse, cinquain, cherita, etc. You can write about any character(s), plot, setting, or concept relating to the Killjoyverse (excluding the Fabulous Four’s deaths, as they’re meant to be alive when the ‘zine is “published.”) Try to get them in by September 5th, but I can give you extra time if you ask for it. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!”


–        Contact: or Note toad1 @

  • Kinka’s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge-Anniversary Work

Kinka submitted this for the 2013 Revenge-anniversary post.

'HappyAnniversaryRevenge' by Kinka

‘HappyAnniversaryRevenge’ by Kinka

  • Marta M.’s Drawings

“I draw band members (mostly MCR) and try to do it realistic.”


–        Contact:  @BetelgezaM

  • Missy’s Three Cheers Photo

“My Chem love can be found anywhere, even on the back of a soymilk carton! For the members of MCR as well as the fans, especially the ones living the soy life! Cheers!”

Missy's Three Cheers Photo

  • Serenity Star’s Paintings and Photography

A collection of Serenity Star’s paintings, many of which are of MCR. All paintings have a short description and some are for sale (see the descriptions for details).



–     Contact:, @SerenityxXxStar


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