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  This page is for projects by members of the MCRmy, for members of the MCRmy, not the band.

  • Cynthia Lee needs donations to cover a medical bill

Cynthia (also known as JunkPunks, who runs My Chemical Collective) has been given a bill of $3300 (that’s around £2,055 or €2,470 according to the Internet) for dental treatment that she urgently needs:

“I live off of monthly fixed income SSI payments and it took me a while to even save up for the dental insurance to pay for it up front in the first place (skipping the part in between where I purchased dental insurance, chose a provider, and then was given a provider that was almost an hour away which is impossible for me as I do not have my own form transportation, was advised to “wait” for a provider opening closer to me, and after the waiting period, had to wait again for a refund).

It’s become nearly impossible for me to actually chew food without extreme pain and sensitivity. I figured I’d need a couple of fillings, which, going by the insurance info quotes, I thought I would be able to swing, but obviously, I was very very wrong.

On top of this I have a problem with my jaw clicking, locking and causing me headaches which I mentioned to the dentist. The bill I received with the treatment for that was a little over $5000, so I told them to forget that treatment and just give me a bill for things that I would need to at least be able to chew without pain and for my toothaches, and this is what it came down to. I’m hoping to cut the bill just a little more by only having a wisdom tooth with a cavity in it removed instead of all four. That leaves the fillings, the extractions and the cleaning and gum treatment I need so that it isn’t all for naught in the end since I have sensitive and inflamed gums due to extreme build up and the start of some sort of gum disease.

My only option is to pay for the treatments up front, which I simply can not do, or accept a credit payment plan, where I would have to pay $100-$200 dollars every month over the course of the next year or two, and because the credit only covers $500 every five months, that means I have to wait five months or more in between procedures because I can’t get the next until I pay off the first, which also explains the extended time I’d have to make payments, which is something I simply can’t afford.

I don’t want to give you a long drawn out sob story about my finances, but as I said, I’m living off of a fixed income monthly SSI payment. Recently one of our sources of income was cut, my mother’s checks were cut, and I’ve had to pick up a lot of extra slack, more than I was shouldering to begin with.

I NEED these procedures to be able to eat and function normally without pain and to avoid infections and abscesses that could be life threatening. If I don’t have them, my teeth are just going to rot out of my mouth and cause me even more pain.

In short, I’m asking for help. I feel weird doing this, I’ve never asked for help before with nothing to offer in return, but I don’t have any artistic skill or things of value to sell. I’m completely at a loss. I feel pathetic and ashamed for asking, but right now, it’s the only hope I’ve got of getting this problem fixed, and even this is a super long shot because I know chances of getting any feasible help this way is slim to none, but I’m desperate.

I’ve added a donation button to my blog as well. Please if you have ANYTHING to spare, it would be of immense help. The amount of gratitude I’d have would be immeasurable.”

If you can’t spare any change or if you’re too young to be in control of Internet-transferable money, please spread the word to raise awareness!

–        Proof of the bill

–        JustGiving

–        Original Tumblr post

  •, Secret Santa 2012

Closed as of 1st December 2012

“It’s less than nine weeks until Christmas, and that means it’s SECRET SANTA TIME!

I’m starting this a little earlier than I did last year, mostly because people didn’t have enough time to post their gifts and a lot of people received them late.

The rules are the same as usual:

1. Send an email to and include:
Postal address including country(please format this in the way it should be written out on the envelope as it may be different for different countries!)
Age group (13-17, 18-30, 30+)
Can you ship internationally or not?
If you send a gift to another country, I will do my very best to make sure you receive your gift from another country too. If you choose to only send within your own country, you will receive your gift from within your own country. Please consider this carefully before choosing. I believe you can view shipping charges online (calculate prices shipping from the UK here.” – if anybody has links for the US I’d appreciate it!)
2. Please only sign up if you are absolutely certain you can send out a gift.
3. The deadline to sign up is November 22nd. You will be emailed your partner’s address shortly after, probably on the 23rd.
4. Do not post your address in this thread, email it to me.
5. Make sure you post the gift well in advance of Christmas to make sure it arrives in time. I recommend giving at least three to four weeks if you are shipping internationally, and two weeks if it’s in the same country. It’s better to be early than late!
6. Don’t open it before Christmas day!
7. Try to keep it a secret, or it’s not Secret Santa! If you wish to include your name/username with the gift that is fine, or you can reveal yourself after Christmas if you wish!
8. If you find out you can no longer send a gift, please let me know as soon as you can.
9. Unfortunately, I cannot take any liability if you do not receive your gift. I’ll do what I can to chase it up though!

Your gift doesn’t have to cost a lot; you could even make it yourself. Remember it’s the thought that counts! You can see a few examples from last year here. So… who’s in?!”


–        Contact:

  •, The Secret Project by Kerry/Dropthedagger

Closed. Upon its revelation, more information will be posted. Editor’s note: the revelation of this project is here: Get well soon, Vienna!

“As is implied by the title, the project is a mystery… This is something I would really urge you all to participate in. It will literally take one minute of your time (or more if you are willing)! Even if you don’t care, your words will still help. All I can say about the project is this; it is for a much-loved member of the MCRmy. Please PM me if you wish to take part and I will respond with the details.” Editor’s note: Direct Messaging on Twitter will also work!


–        Contact: Kerry on her page or Twitter, @kerrymoliver


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