• Ethnography on the MCRmy

“Hi I just need people, preferably boys because I haven’t spoken to any males from the MCRmy yet! I’m doing an ethnography about the change in relationships in the MCRmy now that My Chemical Romance has split. My project is on gender, so I’d like to hear peoples thoughts on anything to do with that! At the moment I’m near the end of my project so I want to know about why women relate to My Chemical Romance so much, why there doesn’t seem to be as many men in the MCRmy (feel free to prove me wrong). I’d also like to hear people’s views on ‘frerard’ and if fan fiction will replace music in keeping the MCRmy together? Or to be honest anything that you’d like to talk about because I’m here to observe and chat, not to make presumptions. Preferably for 18+ only, I’d like you to give me an honest insight on the MCRmy, if you think the MCRmy can survive now that MCR has split, what you think about frerard and fan fiction, where all the boys are in the MCRmy and why is it harder to find boys than it is girls, what is it about MCR that is so attractive to women, is the ‘save your life’ message of MCR important to its attractiveness to fans, and anything that takes your fancy, those are just suggestions really. :)”

–        Further explanation: http://mcrmyethnography.tumblr.com/post/75587774859/participant-information-sheet

–        Contact: Emma, E.J.Cosslett@2012.ljmu.ac.uk, http://mcrmyethnography.tumblr.com



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