• #revenge10 MCRmy Meetup Documentary

“This is a documentary about what being a fan of My Chemical Romance can entail, showing footage from the meetup in London on 7th June 2014 to celebrate 10 years of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.”

–        Contact: @TaraIsTweeting

  • Fake Your Death Music Video [Fan Made]

“During my time as My Chemical Romance fan, I have toyed around with the video of creating videos. My Chemical Romance has been a big journey for me and other fans and I want to share what I have created which I hope fans will enjoy.”

–        Contact:, @SassyMotivation, MCRmy boards

  • #ProjectSnowflake REBORN

Closed as of 28th October 2012.

During #MCRchat in April Cassie asked if people would like to see Every Snowflake is Different (Just Like You) get released as a single. The overwhelming majority of people said “Hell yes please!” and a mini-discussion was kicked off. Afterwards two participants then came up with the idea of a video asking the band to release the song, possibly for a charity such as St. Jude’s. To be involved, make a piece of artwork relating to the song or a short video of either your reaction to the song and video, or of you or a younger friend or family member dancing to it. The point is to make all contributions into a video to let the band know how much we love the song and would like it to be available to download. Either add your contribution to the thread or email it to by Sunday 28th October.




–        Contact:

  • All We Need is Balance

“Thank you guys so much, the idea of the project it for a short video about how things in to world are so unbalanced and how we need balance in the world. I am doing a #SingItForJapan type video so I would truly love and appreciate if you guys would send in a photo of yourself holding a sign saying something you don’t think is fair, for example the pic in the example is of how so many kids are spoiled yet so many are neglected, things like that, e.g.

Abused Hungry Depressed Lonely Starved Bullied Beaten Hurt

Things of that nature, along with that I’d love it if you guys would also send in a pic of you self holding a sign saying ‘all we need is balance’ they’s images will play side by side in the image. You can either post the photos on this page ( you-cannot-destroy-me ) or email them directly to me. Or post them on Facebook page MCR fabulous killjoys (MCR pic with blue background). I’d love you guys to get involved and please spread the news.”


–        Contact:

  • Leeds Festival 2011, Clips Edited Together by Joanne

“The BBC made a recording of MCR’s Reading set (where Brian May joined them on-stage), but didn’t film at Leeds the next night. After I got fed up of looking for and watching Leeds clips here and there, I thought it would be a good idea to get all the clips together and make them into a full-length video of the whole set. The set-list for Leeds was different, and Gee said more in his speeches. Even though I started it as a personal project so I could watch back what I’d seen when I was there, I figured I’d put it on YouTube for everyone else to enjoy as well.”

–        Contact: @xo_justjo


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