Terms of Submission

I hate technical jargon, but I also don’t want to be sued, so I’ve made some easy-to-read terms of submission!

When you submit your work or project to this site, you are agreeing to the following:

  • The Webways will never claim to own a submission. I assume, however, that the submission belongs to the submitter, or that the submitter has been given permission by the owner to submit work. I also assume that submissions have not been plagiarised in any way. If a problem arises in regards to ownership, I will remove the submission from the site.
  • If a submission is entered purely for a one-off blog post (for example, a member’s birthday post or seasonal post), it is up to the submitter to let me know that. If it is not made clear, I will assume the work is also available to be archived permanently.
  •  The submission can be used in any and all promotion of the website (for example, a promotional poster) and in any blog post written on the site (for example, a member-specific or ‘Hot Off the Press’ post).
  • If a I recieve a submission a different way to the ‘submit’ form (for example, via email or Twitter) these terms still apply!
  • An entry on the site can be altered or deleted as is seen fit. (This is to ensure that all grammar/spelling is correct and that entries are kept up-to-date, inoffensive and functional.) However, I will make every effort to notify the submitter of changes.
  • If any details of a submission change (for example, a URL or deadline) the submitter must notify directly me so information can be updated. This is because I don’t have time to keep tabs on every entry!
  • If the submitter’s contact details change, they must notify me directly. Again, I don’t have time to keep tabs on all of you.
  • If the submitter no longer wants their submission on the site, they must notify me directly. I will then remove the submission.
  • Only submissions pertaining to My Chemical Romance or their fanbase, the MCRmy, are allowed. If you submit your online shop which sells both MCR-esque art and other art, it’s fine. Just linking your online shop because you think this site is a free-for-all advertising platform is not. The same goes for your website, social media page, et cetera.

In order to ‘notify me directly’, please email thewebways@hotmail.co.uk or Direct Message @TheWebwaysMCRmy (if I’m not following you already, @reply me telling me to! Let’s keep administrative conversations private).


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